The Agouti gene regulates the presence of tabby" markings. If the cat doesn't carry the
The Agouti (agouti signaling protein, ASIP) gene produces a protein that regulates the distribution of black pigment (eumelanin) within the hair shaft. The dominant allele „A“ produces hair shafts with alternating bands of yellow and black color, ending with black tips. The recessive allele „a“ produces a cat that is self-colored (solid) when 2 copies of a are present. The effect of the agouti protein on orange pigment is limited, thus tabby striping may still be seen on cats that are a/a for agouti. The Agouti gene is responsible for the coat markings “tabby”. If a cat carries the Agouti gene (genotype AA or Aa), its coat shows the typical markings of “tabby”. If the cat is non-Agouti (aa), the coat is single-coloured (solid).
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