Locus I (intensité de la phéomélanine)

I-Locus controls the intensity of the red pigment (phaeomelanin). The dominant I-allele
I-Locus controls the intensity of the red pigment (phaeomelanin). Phaeomelanin is the tan pigment including all shades of red, gold, fawn, sable and cream pigments. The richness of the red colour varies in the different breeds and within a breed, from the very rich red of the Irish setter to cream. This intensity is controlled by the I-Locus which has recently been identified.The dominant I-allele stands for intense phaeomelanin (red, orange, yellow), the recessive i-allele is responsible for cream, cream-white or white.
The expression of the phaeomelanin on the dog body, is initially determined by the loci E, K and A locus. The I-Locus decides how bright or rich the red colour is.
Akita, Berger allemand, Berger australien, Berger blanc suisse, Bichon a poil frisé, Bichon maltais, Bouledogue francais, Caniche, Carlin, Chien de Leonberg, Coton de Tuléar, Dogue allemand, Elo, Eurasien, Husky, Levrier Afghan, Malamute de l'alaska, Puli, Retriever à poil bouclé, Saluki, Samoyède, Schnauzer, Terrier australien à poil soyeux, Terrier ecossais, Terrier irlandais à poil doux, West Highland White Terrier
autosomal recessive
Test duration
3 - 5 days after arrival of the sample in the lab
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