Polykystose rénale (PKD)

(Angora, Birman, British Short- and Longhair, Chartreux, Colourpoint, Exotic Shorthair, Persian,...plus
autosomal dominant
Angora turc, Bleu russe, British longhair, British shorthair, Chartreux, Exotic Shorthair, Persan, Ragdoll, Sacré de Birmanie (Birman), Scottish Fold Longhair, Scottish Fold Shorthair, Selkirk Rex Longhair, Selkirk Rex Shorthair
PKD causes the formation of hepatic and renal cysts as well as of fluid-filled renal cysts, often leading to renal failure. The kidney cysts for PKD are present early, generally before 12 months, but renal failure generally occurs at a later time, thus it is considered a late onset renal disease. Clinical signs are non specific but common to cats experiencing renal dysfunction, including depression, anorexia, reduced appetite, polyuria, polydypsia, and weight loss.
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TaqMan SNP Assay
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