EG-locus (domino, grizzle)

The EG-locus is a variant of the E-locus causing distinct coat pattern like widow peaks in Afghan... more
The EG allele encodes a coat colour variant called “domino” in Afghan hounds and “grizzle” in Salukis and has been found in the Barsoi as well. This pattern is characterized by a pale face with a widow’s peak above the eyes and appears to be unique to these two old dog breeds. EG is dominant over E and e alleles but recessive to the EM allele. Only dogs possesing at/at genotype at the A locus and ky/ky at the K locus exhibit this phenotype.
афганская борзая, русская псовая борзая, Салюки
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1-2 weeks after arrival of the sample in the lab
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