MDR1 gene variant

In MDR1 gene defect, hypersensitivity to various drugs such as antiparasitics occurs, and their...más
The MDR1 gene defect correlates with a disorder in drug metabolism and thus hypersensitivity to various pharmaceuticals such as antiparasitics (e.g., ivermectin), antibiotics, cytostatics, or analgetics and anesthetics. Symptoms following administration of these drugs are diverse and include breathing difficulties, movement disorders, lethargy and dilated pupils, and even life-threatening convulsions. In the case of chemotherapeutic agents, altered metabolism can lead to gastrointestinal intoxications and also bone marrow depression. The inheritance is autosomal recessive, but also in heterozygous animals a restricted metabolism of the active substances or a lower tolerance must be assumed.
autosomal recessive
Test duration
3-5 days after arrival of the sample in the lab (in case of sequencing 1-2 weeks)
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