Classic STR DNA profile (ISAG 2006)

The Classic STR DNA-profile (ISAG 2006) is the genetic fingerprint according to ISAG...lisää
The Classic STR DNA-profile (ISAG 2006) is your animals genetic fingerprint. It cannot be manipulated or destroyed, remains unchanged for a lifetime and allows unambiguous identification of the individual. All DNA-profiles are stored in our DNA database, thus ensuring continuous availability. The Classic STR DNA-profile (ISAG 2006) follows the recommended ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) guidelines from 2006 by analyzing 22 microsatellite - also known as STR (short tandem repeat) - markers and allows for international comparability between laboratories. Each STR marker describes a specific region on the DNA strand by its length. Test reliability and exclusion probabilities for parentage analysis are over 99.99%.
Please note: Classic STR DNA profiles (ISAG 2006) and Premium SNP DNA-profile (ISAG 2020) are not compatible and cannot be used simultaneously within the same parentage analysis.
Test duration
1 - 2 weeks
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