K-locus (only the allele KB)

The K-locus directs towards a solid coat colour or the patterns of the A-locus in pigmented areas...lisää
The K-locus plays a crucial role in coat colour determination. KB is the dominant allele, which leads to expression of single coloured fur in pigmented areas. There are two other alleles, kbr (brindle) and ky. KB is dominant to both kbr and ky, while kbr is dominant to ky. Both recessive alleles enable the colours of the A-locus to be seen on the dog. Animals with at least one KB-allele exhibit only one colour in the pigmented areas. kbr is responsible for the brindle pattern on top of the A-locus colouring, while the genotype ky/ky allows the basic patterns of the A-locus to be fully expressed. The test exclusively detects the KB-allele. Therefore, genetic determination between kbr and ky is not available.
KB > kbr > ky
Test duration
3 - 5 days after arrival of the sample in the lab
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