Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS)


LFS is an autosomal recessive inherited disease which has been reported mainly in the Egyptian Arabian.
Affected foals can display an array of neurological signs including tetanic-like seizures, opisthotonus, stiff or paddling leg movements and nystagmus. These neurologic impairments prevent the foal from standing and nursing normally and, if not lethal on their own, are often the cause for euthanasia.
In addition to these abnormalities, affected foals possess a characteristic diluted ‘‘lavender’’ coat color. This resulting coat color, variously described as pale gray, pewter, and light chestnut, as well as lavender, has coined the name ‘‘Lavender Foal Syndrome’’ (LFS), also called ‘‘Coat Color Dilution Lethal’’. There is currently no treatment for LFS available.
Additionally, initial diagnosis can be difficult as the clinical signs of LFS can easily be confused with a number of neonatal conditions including neonatal maladjustment syndrome and encephalitis.


Arabian Horse and breed that have used Arabian Horse as foundation stock

Trait of inheritance


Test duration

3-5 days after arrival of the sample in the lab


The DNA test is performed out of EDTA blood or or 20-30 hair roots from mane or tail. Test kits can be ordered free of charge. (order-form). If hair is sent in, possibly the genetic material is not sufficient to run the test. In this case it would be best to send in an EDTA blood sample.

Testing procedure

Please send in your sample together with the lab order genetic. Results will be transmitted optionally via post, fax or email. After completion of the test you will receive a separate invoice. Payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer.
Breeding club discounts apply if a copy of the membership card is sent together with the respective samples. Due to administrative reasons the invoiced price can not be altered subsequently.


Please contact our molecular biology team for further questions.

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