Sexage des oiseaux

Method: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) 

The sex determination is based on a molecular method that includes a PCR reaction. This DNA test creates fast and reliable results within a short period of time. Additional to PCR reaction, the PCR product is digested with two different restriction enzymes. These enzymes recognize short nucleotid sequences in DNA molecules and cut them at specific points within the so-called recognition sequences. While a particular sex is verified, the other sex can be excluded. Because the amplification is based on two highly conserved genomic regions, it is possible to analyse a lot of different breeds (ca. 700 different breeds have been analysed).

What you should knwo  

Sample material: 

For sex determination blood or feathers are needed.


A few drops whole blood (EDTA-, heparine- or citrateblood) are adequate for the determination. You can ask for appropriate EDTA-tubes.
Don't spike the blood sample with ethanole or other buffers!!


We need two or three freshly plugged quills. From old, droped out feathers the test is not possible, because they don't contain cells with DNA in it. Most suitable is the feather pulpa from a growing feather.

Handling time

2 - 4 working days after the sample arrival

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