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SynchroGait is a diagnostic DNA test for a genetic variant (A) that has a major impact on the... more
SynchroGait is a diagnostic DNA test for a genetic variant (A) that has a major impact on the gait and coordination of horses. The discovery by researchers in Sweden showed that the mutation “facilitates lateral gaits, ambling and pace, and inhibits the transition from trot or pace to canter”. The gait A variant has been identified, as a major genetic factor for performance in trotting horses and ability to perform the additional “flying pace” in Icelandic horses.
With SynchroGait, owners can identify the innate ability of young horses for gait performance, which facilitate decisions regarding investment in future training. Testing of breeding stock allow breeders to predict likely genotypes of offspring, and to select optimal mates to maximize the production of foals with the gait mutation. In breeds used for dressage or show jumping, where pacing is not a favourable trait, SynchroGait can be used to eliminate the pacing variant.
Benefits of the variant A in gaited breeds are:
Standardbreds: AA horses are more likely to race professionally; they earn more money and have higher breeding value for racing performance than CA and CC horses. SynchroGait test is particularly applicable to horses that have French Standardbred blood lines.
Coldblooded Trotters: presence of the A variant is correlated with trotting technique. AA horses have natural talent for pace and excellent leg coordination in trot at high speed.
Icelandic Horses: AA horses have a genetic predisposition to perform five gaits (walk, tölt, trot, canter, and pace). CA and CC horses are more likely to perform only four gaits (walk, tölt, trot, and canter).CC horses might be able to tölt, however, they might have difficulties especially at the beginning of the training.
American Bashkir Curly Horse, American Miniature Horse, American Saddlebred, Appaloosa, Icelandic horse, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Mangalarga Marchador, Missouri Fox Trotter, Morgan horse, Paint Horse, Paso Fino, Peruvian Horse, Quarter Horse, Scandinavian Coldblood Trotter, Standardbred, Tennessee Walking Horse
Длительность теста
4 - 6 weeks after arrival of the sample in the lab
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