LABOGenetics XXL Cat

The large-scale genetic screening for your cat! Available from 01.10.2023 at LABOGEN for only 98 €*.

Please: as sample material only 0.5 – 1.0 ml EDTA blood or a specially optimized swab is possible (not the cheek swabs of our standard test kit!)


Product overview

Would you like to know more about your cat's genetics? LABOGenetics XXL Cat, our new comprehensive package can screen your cat for more than 50 genetic variants. LABOGenetics XXL Cat provides you with extensive information on genetic diseases and risk factors as well as on coat colours and traits. The determination of the genetic blood group is, of course, also included. LABOGenetics XXL Cat is available for cats of all breeds and mixes.

LABOGenetics XXL Cat is of interest to everyone, whether you are a cat owner, breeder or veterinarian.

  • For breeders: Make informed breeding decisions, improve your breed's genetic health and ensure that healthier kittens are born.

  • For cat owners: Gain insight into your cat's genetics and learn about possible genetic health risks.

  • For veterinarians: Improve your diagnosis and treatment options by incorporating valuable genetic information to determine the best care for your patients.

  • For breeding clubs: Offer your club members state-of-the-art genetic testing and support responsible breeding practices.


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Which tests are included in the LABOGenetics XXL Cat package?

Testname (click for details) Abbreviation Gene(s) Category Test-no.
Acrodermatitis enteropathica (Turkish Van) AE SLC39A4 Hereditary disease 8763
Alpha-Mannosidosis (Persian) AMD MAN2B1 Hereditary disease 8239
Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome ALPS FASLG Hereditary disease 8609
Congenital hypothyroidism CH TPO Hereditary disease 8873
Congenital myasthenic syndrome CMS COLQ  Hereditary disease 8592
Cystinuria Cys SLC7A9  Hereditary disease 8604
Factor XI deficiency (Maine Coon) F11 F11  Hereditary disease 8729
Factor XII deficiency  F12 F12  Hereditary disease 8806
Gangliosidosis GM1 GM1 GLB1  Hereditary disease 8041
Gangliosidosis GM2 (Burmese) GM2 HEXB  Hereditary disease 8149
Gangliosidosis GM2 (Korat) GM2 HEXB  Hereditary disease 8864
Glycogen storage disease type IV GSD IV GBE1  Hereditary disease 8113
Head Defect   ALX1  Hereditary disease 8465
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 1 (Maine Coon) HCM 1 MYBPC3  Hereditary disease 8080
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 3 (Ragdoll) HCM3/HCR MYBPC3  Hereditary disease 8116
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 4 (Sphynx) HCM4 ALMS1  Hereditary disease 8695
Hypokalemia   WNK4  Hereditary disease 8453
Hypotrichosis and short life expectancy   FOXN1  Hereditary disease 8318
MDR1 gene variant MDR1 ABCB1  Hereditary disease 8776
Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI MPS6 ARSB  Hereditary disease 8468
Mucopolysaccharidosis type VII MPS7 GUSB  Hereditary disease 8473
Myotonia congenita   CLCN1  Hereditary disease 8461
Osteochondrodysplasia (Scottish Fold) OCD TRPV4  Hereditary disease 8349
Polydactyly   LMBR1 Hereditary disease 8874
Polycystic kidney disease PKD PKD1  Hereditary disease 8046
Primary congenital glaucoma PCG LTBP2  Hereditary disease 8395
Progressive retinal atrophy rdAc-PRA CEP290  Hereditary disease 8117
Progressive retinal atrophy pd-PRA AIPL1 Hereditary disease 8593
Progressive retinal atrophy b-PRA KIF3B  Hereditary disease 8331
Pyruvate kinase deficiency PK PKLR  Hereditary disease 8047
Spinal muscular atrophy SMA LIX1  Hereditary disease 8123
Coat colour variant agouti AGK   Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8090
Coat colour variant charcoal     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8442
Coat colour variant colourpoint (siam/mink/burma)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8258
Coat colour variant Gold Copper (British Shorthair)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8522
Coat colour variant Gold Sunshine (Kurilian Bobtail, Siberian)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8775
Coat colour variant snow (Bengal)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8255
Coat colour variant Tabby (Mackarel, Blotched)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8778
Coat colour variant Ticked     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8777
Coat colour variant Dilution DILK   Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8099
Coat colour amber AMB   Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8170
Coat colour brown (chocolate/cinnamon)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8257
Coat colour Copal     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8774
Coat colour russet RUS   Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8606
Coat variant curly     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8629
Coat variant Sphynx / Devon Rex KTR   Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8243
Coat length (short- / long haired)     Coat colours / coat length / coat structure 8147
Genetic blood group     other 8121
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