From what age is genetic testing possible?

A genetic test can, in principle, be conducted from the birth of an animal, as the genetic information is unchangeably fixed at this time. Therefore, the result of a genetic test remains valid throughout the animal's lifetime.

A blood sample can generally be taken at around 6-8 weeks of age, depending on the dog breed and your veterinarian's recommendation. A cheek swab can usually be performed on very young puppies. It is important to ensure that nursing puppies are separated from their mother for at least 1-2 hours before the swab is taken to ensure that the sample does not contain maternal cells.

What sample material can be used to perform a DNA test?

What is important for shipping from countries which are not member of the European Union?

Where can I get cheek swab kits?

How reliable is the result of a genetic test?

How can I assess the quality of the laboratory?

How is the test result reported?

Who receives the result?

How are payments made?

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