From what age is genetic testing possible?

In principle, genetic testing can be carried out as soon as an animal is born, since the genetic information is already permanently established at that time. The result obtained from a genetic test thus remains valid for the animal's entire life and does not change again.

A blood sample can be taken starting at the age of about four months, depending on what time your veterinarian considers appropriate. In general, a cheek swab can even be taken from very young puppies. Puppies that have not been weaned yet must be separated from the mother at least two hours before the swab is taken to ensure that the swab does not contain any of the mother's milk.

What sample material can be used to perform a DNA test?

What is important for shipping from countries which are not member of the European Union?

Where can I get cheek swab kits?

How reliable is the result of a genetic test?

How can I assess the quality of the laboratory?

How is the test result reported?

Who receives the result?

How are payments made?

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