Brindle 1

The phenotype „brindle“ exhibits irregular vertical stripes in their hair coat texture along the neck, back, hindquarters, and upper legs. This specific form of brindle is called brindle 1 (BR1)". In some BR1 horses the stripes were differentially pigmented, all of them show a sparse mane and tail. BR1 shows an X-chromosomal semi-dominant mode of inheritance. The typical BR1 phenotype with a striped coat texture pattern can only be seen in heterozygous females (genotype X(N)/X(BR1)), whereas hemizygote males (Genotyp X(BR1)/Y) and homozygote females (genotype X(BR1)/X(BR1)) will primariliy show a sparse mane and tail, but no stripes."
All breeds
X-chromosomal semi-dominant
Test duration
1-2 weeks after arrival of the sample in the lab
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